yes, india is the second most populated country. Yes, it's one of the developing countries....ever wonder how it got to that place?...its because of those british asswipes who ruled over india for 100's of years, they basically destroyed its economy and was never restored. but according to facts, india is developing and rapidly and in the future it maybe ever more powerful than the united states (fact)...just because indians worship cows and respect other animals, dont mean that they are loosers. one of the deffinitions mentioned that indians drink cow urine. that was because some crazy scientist said that it cures cancer...WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD DRINK PEE!!!PPL WERE MISSLEAD...and also about those dots that we were on our foreheads, they are only worn on special occasions...PPL DISSING INDIA ARE FREAKIN JEALOUS BECAUSE INDIA IS FILLED WITH SMART PEOPLE AND ARE TAKIN AWAY ALL THE JOBS FROM AMERICA AND CANADA...WELL ITS NOT INDIAS FAULT THAT ITS A BETTER COUNTRY.
people need to get a life and stop dissing other countries, such as india
by -xox-tinkerbell-xox- April 17, 2006
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The country to which our white collar jobs are being shipped.

Don't blame the Republicans. The liberal twits planned to send our jobs there years ago, as part of the plan to lower our country to the same level as Chad.
If you want to talk to someone in India, just call tech support.
by The Wog Whomper May 04, 2005
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A lot of definitions seem to arise from hate filled and jealous pakistanis.

India is longest living civilisation of the world--the civilisation which gave world's first university, mathematics and medicine--

Its coming up--watch out
20 years and it will be right on top.
12% of scientists in the US are Indians
38% of doctors(physicians, dentists, PhDs, etc) in America are Indian.
36% of NASA scientists are Indians.
34% of Microsoft employees are Indians.
28% of IBM employees are Indians.
17% of INTEL scientists are Indians.
13% of XEROX employees are Indians.
by Indian_Pride January 26, 2007
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A place where people will do for $3.00 an hour a job an american won't do for $10.00
Dude #1:"Man, all those bastards from India are stealing all our jobs!"
Dude #2:"There's always McDonalds..."
by RestedMind1 December 08, 2005
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A country that strives to be a modern, secular and socialist nation but where a lot of work is still to be done.
Indian_1: India is the worlds largest democracy.
Indian_2: No, it is the worlds largest electocracy, we still have to build strong democratic institutions.
by Argumentative_Indian March 27, 2007
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India isn't only a country but a name for amazing and beautiful girls.
If you meet an India, and if you're lucky enough to become her friend, stay on her good side. India's aren't afraid to kick your arse when the need arises, they make amazing friends and will always stay by your side. She will never seize to amaze you with hidden intelligence and kindness. On the outside they may seem like they don't really care but really she is an amazing g and caring friend. She's strong on the outside and pushes you away when she's upset and scared but really she is feeling insecure and really needs you by her side - but don't push her to say something she doesn't want to. She is a beautiful girl on the inside and out, even if she is a little dark and dirty minded.
She will always protect and respect those close to her heart and will always be there for you. But when it comes down to sleeping and picking up the phone at three in the morning, her bed will win over. She prefers to stay at home and have friends over but she still likes a good drink once in a while.

She isn't easily influenced but is known to be guilted into doing things.
She is feisty and likes a good play fight with her best friends but will easily knock you off your feet if she deems necessary. She loves a good laugh and jokes are always a good way to clear the air between you.
She's very sneaky and if you don't hold on tight enough she might just slip out of your fingers. Love her like she loves you
Person A : "Look over there."
Person B : "She really cares about her friend."
Person A : "Must be an India."
by YoungAspiringWriter June 17, 2017
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