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A an immoral & corrupt system used to enslave the working population of a given state or nation. Any nation with an income tax is not truly a free country, because it requires that a substantial percentage of your income goes to the government without your consent.

If a citizen refuses to pay this tax, they will often be arrested at point of gun, and put in jail - making it a true definition of slavery.
Slavery still exists in America today. It has just taken on the form of the oppressive income tax.
by Jimmy F. March 23, 2007
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A long standing source of fraud on the fine citizens of the States of the US, - making use of legal terminology (legalese) to confound, confuse & obscufate the fact that the FEDERAL INCOME TAX is a tax on FEDERAL INCOME; - N0T a general tax on natural persons living & working in common occupations.
Federal Judges recieve their PAY from the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Therefore, they earn FEDERAL INCOME (a taxable source as defined in section 863 of title 26 -- the income tax code). Therefore, they owe FEDERAL INCOME TAX.

A construction worker gets his pay from non federal contracts in the private sector of on of the several states (such as California). His "income" does not come from a FEDERAL source nor any of the few named in section 861 & operative sections of the Internal Revenue Code. Therefore, his compensation for labor done within that state (geography is a deciding factor too -- jurisdictional) is NOT taxable.
by Curt Esident January 15, 2004
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Income tax is a tax on the income of a person or corporation. In the United States, it is usually collect at both the state and federal level; however, there are a few states which do not currently tax personal income.

The abover definition is completely false, because the federal income tax doesn't discriminate between sources of income from government occupations and private labor. See e.g. 26 U.S.C. § 61. Otherwise, how would the federal government be able to fund its operations?
Tax protestors and other fringe lunatic types make all kinds of specious, pseudo-legal arguments to try to avoid paying the income tax. They put their own idiosyncratic spin on the laws to try to defend their actions. The IRS and the federal courts don't appreciate this, and usually fine them out the ass for their frivolous litigation
by J-rad January 06, 2007
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