Epic gamer arrested for possession of illegal firearms and explosives in the 26 of March 2016, recently convicted in Guantanamo for relationships with colombian carteles and other forms of organized crime, currently whereabouts are unknown
Steve: have you heard about Pink incel?
Mark: yeah he's based and redpilled
by Lockal March 5, 2021
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The act of translocating ones blood, that is if you are an incel. to a vampire-like superhuman through which this entity gains power and or pleasure as well as superpowers
"my super power is Hemo-Incelic Regeneration, it means i feed off filthy incel casuals."
by CmndBean July 26, 2023
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Things that come together to make someone an "incel". Like insecurities, but for unattractive young males.
Wilbur has some incelities.
by JarvisToasty September 26, 2022
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Someone who complains to the work health and safety committee about flood damages to get a restaurant shut down. Leaving many people jobless. smh.
“Hey bro, you know any incells??”
“Yea Flynn takes the cake for that one. The other day he shut down a store through a complaint
by gayasswoman March 14, 2022
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When you take a break from your minimum wage job to take a picture of the first ass you see in public.
by EddieBrock5 October 23, 2023
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A female who identifies with popular sigma males.

The female in question may or may not get bitches.
-Yo, you saw that girl sharing a Fight Club meme and obsessed with ?
-Yeah, what an anti-incel
by Equity August 6, 2022
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A comment or point made online, intended to demean or diminish the accomplishments of women. An incel's point of view.
What an incelent comment, how is your parents basement these days?
by fsb July 20, 2023
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