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making the mistake of 'being too friendly' with ones' seat partner on an airplane flight, only to realize to your horror; the person is unable to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

often, these are people with some kind of flying fear, their method of dealing is to talk incessantly!! IF the person is BORING (frequently the case!) it can drive one crazy! -one has to be out and out rude, to be allowed entry into ones' own personal world!

i use two methods for dealing: (1) headphones/ipod & (2) faking like i've fallen asleep! -books are good too, if you get 'into' the book immediately!! and act totally enraptured, which you CAN be, if you have the right book!
welcome to shit city! did you have a nice flight? fine, except for the in-flight motormouth!

an in-flight motormouth tortured me all the way to poop town!!

we experienced terrible turbulence which help distract my in-flight motor mouth!
by michael foolsley January 21, 2012
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