1. The ghetto.
2. Someone who is from the ghetto.
3. Someone who acts like they are from the ghetto.
Other Slang: Hoodlum, Gangsta, Thug, Nigga, Pimp, Street-rat, Street Urchin, etc.

4. The foreskin of a penis.
5. Covering of the clitoris.
by The wise one. October 14, 2003
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Derived from "neighborhood". An area which one lives/lived/ or is in
Ima go visit my hood.
i need to raise up out my hood
by KiStone 1000 February 5, 2003
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Someone who is hood is very different from someone who is street
You can be hood without having to sell drugs or gang bang
Lots of hood individuals go to school, work, and are successful despite having the mentality
To be hood means you care about your neighborhood, and you understand how it is
Someone who is street is someone who sells drugs, gangbangs, and brings a negative image to their neighborhood.
Caine in Menace 2 Society was hood, while ODogg was street
by RasheedSantana June 3, 2018
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The hood is a working class area.

It can be an urban ghetto or a suburb. It depends on which country we're dealing with.
In the USA it is primary the urban ghettos that are called "the hood", but in other countries (in Europe for instance) the suburbs is actually the place, where most people from the lower social classes live. The suburbs will be the hood in these areas.

The area does not have to be dominated by apartment buildings to be called "The hood". It is all about the social class of the population.
"Ain't nothing good in the hood
I'd run away from this bitch and never come back if I could"
- 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson)
by MJ-DK February 27, 2008
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the act of getting super ghetto previous to a large fight or throwdown. getting your hood on can involve bustin' a cap in someone's ass or hittin' up some hot bitches.
"yeah thurrs a street fight tonight so i better get ma hood on."
"shit did you see kayleigh lastnight? dat bitch had her hood on."
"whut cho say! boi, you got cho hood on so far that you think you can take a bullet like 50cent yo"
"aww snap gurrl, you gone and put your hood on. dat makes me ruul horny"
by stephen cummings January 8, 2006
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the hood (in USA) is a place where crime is the most common hobby and gangs are in more control than police
I.E. some areas of the hood are anaheim, LA,
by yourinfohotline October 1, 2010
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