Calum hood as a hot stud with tattoos. He is the shit. And plays bass like a god. Calum hood is not available he’s mine so back of betch
by <Ur mom> July 24, 2019
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the best place on earth. i would rather be there then anywhere else with anyone else. this place has changed me and made me into a better person.
I go to Camp Robin Hood in New Hampshire it’s the best place ever.
by crh_scribe2023 November 9, 2019
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When a nigga is so hood that it goes beyond just being hood. It becomes an actual condition.
"Look at this fool. He came to my daughter's graduation with a comb in his hair half unbraided, and a grape ice pop in his mouth."

"Why did you invite him? You know he has Chronic Hood Syndrome right?."
by rudebitch99 November 15, 2018
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Says fuck em a lot , loves no hoe and always gotta cup dirty full of xans or lean 🤷🏻 ♂️
Billy hoods cup is so dirty , oh my gosh
by Billy hood November 10, 2018
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A unincorporated TURD of a town located in Illinois between Montgomery & Oswego
No one wants to claim boulder hill(hood) because it is a giant turd.
by surrealpoodle June 4, 2014
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A film that has at least one inconsistency. In order for Doughboy and Ricky to be half brothers who are the same age, their mother would have to be fucking two different guys at the same time (which is unlikely to be okay between their different fathers) and they ended up being born 9 months (less than a full year) apart, otherwise it's impossible for two brothers (even half brothers) to be the exact same age at any point in life.
Hollywood makes some unbelievable shit, Boys n' the Hood is no different.
by Solid Mantis November 5, 2020
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