slang word for a woman's vagina. doesnt matter the color of the woman or the amount of hair (presumably some hair if you are being literal). made famous by George Clinton and the Funkadelics and later tapped by Ice Cube in his song "givin up the nappy dugout". Finally, the term was used in the film "bulworth" by warren beaty's character after he picked up the term hanging in the hood.
"the nappy dugout, its where you gets the bugout"-bulworth

Everybody do it this time
Come play
In a nappy dugout (x2)
-George Clinton and the Funkadeliks

by dereka1a May 12, 2006
Men who engage in homosexual relations only until a heterosexual relationship can be obtained.

The saying comes from the inability to reach one of the bases, thus, they are stuck in the dugout.
Bill has been searching for a dugout buddy ever sense Amanda rejected him
by SgtDoomsday December 4, 2016
A woman that forward wipes her bum after taking a dookie. Bringing fecal matter into the vagina.
"I got hepatitis after fucking that babe with the muddy dugout."
by Mace of Spaids January 24, 2010
A person who gets in afight at a bar and looks for buddies to help then runs a way so not to get hurt
Dude, Chris is such a dugout queen. some guy wanted to fight him so he comes looking for me to back him up then took off after I confront the guy.
by K one August 23, 2009
A reference to the vulva/vagina. Nappy refers to the pubic hair because it is curly. Dugout is a type of canoe and refers to the shape of the labia. There are other references to the vulva as being a type of boat, for example: "Little man in the rowboat" = clitoris
When she bent over to take off her panties, I got a nice look at her nappy dugout.
by WillyB December 27, 2005
a term used to describe when you go straight for anal sex on the first date without first a kiss, fondling, etc
"She pissed me off so much on our first date I decided to skip first base, second base, third, and home for that matter and went straight to the dugout"
by nutjobfaroo November 29, 2013