Poop labor is when you know you have to poop but when your cheeks hit the seat you can't poop so your just waiting for it to come out. Occasionally pushing and pushing then breathing as if in labor. Just waiting to poop.
"Im In poop labor. I really have to poop and it's like half way out but pushing isn't helping."
by McNasty1989 January 12, 2017
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An activity that is performed by the penis.
Wow, I did some pretty hard penis labor back there!
by FricePine July 17, 2021
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Go back to Goat Labor!!

Father, the goat just did Goat Labor.

The goats are crying, they have done too much Goat Labor!

The goats work in a prison yard doing Goat Labor.
by pure rage March 10, 2022
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The pre-diarrhea sensation, that makes your bowels tremble and your butthole pucker. The "oh shit" feeling that instantly hits you like a freight train. You may break a sweat, and/or feel bouts of nausea trying to hold back the monstrosity that is about to disembark.
Step on the gas, diarrhea labor has hit. It's coming now!
by Hayhayrene September 3, 2018
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An ethnic slur mistakenly said by a young child when speaking of Darth Vader.
Hispanic 4 Year Old( in Walmart): Is that the Dark Laborer?

Mother of 4 Year Old: No, that is not your father.
by InvictusSoul000 July 29, 2018
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