A bitch ass.

A fucking bitch that doesn't know how to leave people alone
by Thetatochip May 23, 2022
Ever is a guy who has the big 8 inch+ dick
Wow, I heard Ever has a long dick, i want to ride it all night long
by swatx May 2, 2022
An awesome person with an awesome personality if you get to know him well.He is a very handsome and has a lot of friends but prefers to be with the real ones .He likes to play sports and is very competitive and at some point it is annoying.He is shy when it comes to relationships but if you do date him he will give you all the attention in the world and ignores any girl that tries to talk to him other than his girlfriend.He doesn’t like to have girl friends and prefers to be surrounded by guys.He is very playful if you get close to him and is very trust worthy and likes to overthink things.When he walks alone he is usually thinking of something and he is worried about something he is a good lover and likes to get over his girlfriend and gets hard very easily when he is with her and likes to give her attention and likes to make her know that he loves her . He is smart and respect women .He has had a rough child hood but always looks happy.He is a very loving person especially with his family,friends and his love.
by Ever the one ever November 21, 2021
Prettiest boy you’ll ever see. Everything that comes out of his mouth has profound meaning and he always knows what to say to really make you think about things you’ve never pondered before (even though he’s a little stupid) Any Ever you’re lucky enough to come across will cherish you like you’re the only person on Earth and will always remind you of your worth, just don’t take him for granted like many people have before. Always remind him of what a beautiful person he is because although he’s a confident little prick on the outside he’s still afraid to lose the people he loves and is often an extreme over-thinker.
“who’s that fine ass kid over there?”

“His name’s Ever, he’s pretty chill.”
by mle.tm November 28, 2021
Lizette Addison Tiare Cooper is the cutest girl eve and her boyfriend is so lucky to have her.
Lizette Addison Tiare Cooper is the cutest girl ever.
by Lizettelover October 24, 2022