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High German for 'To finger the Jew' (Low German: 'Am Juden wuzeln'), this denotes manual stimulation of the clitoris, whether by the female herself or her partner.

Here 'Jud' is the Germanic ethnonym for 'Jew', which is commonly applied to the 'penis muliebris' or 'female phallus', on account of the smaller average size of the Oriental Caucasoid 'Judenpimmel' or Jewish Penis as compared to the Nordic German Penis. Thus, this light-hearted term is directly based on the Jewish Small Penis Stereotype, which is a subtype of the Asian Small Penis Stereotype & is very deep-rooted in Grossdeutschland & Europe, as illustrated in Martin Walser's 'Tod eines Kritikers' & as aptly observed by Daniel Boyarin: "... that feminized position into which Jewish men are put by European culture ... The Jew is a clitoris. He has no phallus." ('Sparks of the Logos: Essays in Rabbinic Hermeneutics' Leiden: Brill, 2003, p 242) Meanwhile, wutzeln connotes rolling, twisting or fondling between the fingers.

To be distinguished from the related term 'den Judn stemma' (North German: 'den Juden stemmen': to 'chisel' or 'strongly work' the 'Jew'), which connotes passive or active cunnilingus, & 'Am Juden spielen', which denotes either manual female masturbation or cunnilingus.
1) The phrase is recorded in the biography of the famed South German courtesan, Josephine Mutzenbacher: "wudsln: wuzeln, (zwischen den fingern) wälzen, «onanieren» oder «die clitoris betasten»: in judn wudsln." - 'Josefine Mutzenbacher: Die Lebensgeschichte einer wienerischen Dirne, von ihr selbst erzählt' Felix Salten. ed Oswald Wiener. Reinbek bei Hamburg {Germany} : Rowohlt, 1978, p 186.

2) Nicole: Ich will jetzt in Judn wudsln (I want to finger my clit now)

3) Hans: Ich sah mei' Mutti in Judn wudsln (I saw my mother masturbate)

4) Stephanie: In Judn wudsln ist ja so viel Spaß! (Clit-Massage is so much fun!)

5) Jens: Ich mag immer, mei' Frau in Judn wudsln (I always love to flick my wife's clit)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza October 07, 2012
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