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Steeped in strength, raised on dignity and determination, aware of the past, the present, and the possibilities of the future, a genius and an agent of positive change, the boy from Brisbane upon whose shoulders the future of the world rests.
Capable of amazing feats,he is an icon in his location.
Half-Man, Half-Amazing

Yes, the modern man has evolved, but it is unlikely we will see one have the effect that Imraan did.
by UCSM April 04, 2008
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1. (noun) A terribly cluttered desk or shelf.
2. (verb) The state of being cluttered, whether physically, emotionally or rationally.
1. "My desk has turned into an Imraan."

2. "I think he forgot to pick up his kid from school. He is so Imraaned... it's ridiculous."

by Katie Murry April 27, 2007
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A really great person. If you have an Imraan you are very lucky. Imraan is one of the funniest people you could know. Perhaps the funniest. He is always ready for everything, just not school. School is in fact his least favorite place. He only goes to school to see him friends and maybe that special someone. He is a family Guy and also loves his friends. Imraan's hair is the softest hair ever. He is also a great kisser. He loves going over seas. He is more of a sporty guy than academics. He is really special and if he is yours you are the luckiest girl in the world. He might seem a but rude when you first meet him, but when you get to know him you'll see he isn't very rude. He is actually a very nice person, just overprotective. All I'm saying is that Imraan is a very very very special guy.
Boy 1: "Ooh that girl is hawt."
Imraan: "I know right... But she's mine, touch her and I'll kill you."
by Tweety dolphin December 30, 2017
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