Commonly used in MMORPG.
Derived from the word imbalanced.
It is more used as a coin for someone or something that is overpowered, very good, awesome.
Only the best players have that mount, it's imba!
by Extwo April 17, 2011
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'Imba' is often used as an abbreviation for Immensely Badass.
More often used by experianced players, rather than newbies who use it to mean imbalanced.
That deepthroat movie is fucking imba.
by Parr March 06, 2007
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Originated from Online Gaming, meaning 'too good'.
Literally it means 'imbalanced' but Awesome Gamers who owns and plays amazing, are referred to as 'Imba.'
Ramesh : Heaton plays awesome with AK-47.

Suresh : Yeah, I know. He is simply Imba.
by KuRius. August 17, 2012
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an adjective used when you run out of adjectives to describe something or someone really great
I cant even begin to describe how imba my tsong is.

Angel is the most imba for CJ.
by aesicj November 06, 2013
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