In my arrogant opinion
But there is a catch.
Some people think your typing lmao
Person 1: Dude! Person 3 just jumped off his balcony and broke his legs!
Person 2: Imao Person 3 is an idiot. Why would someone jump off his balcony?
Person 1: It's not funny! He could die!
Person 2: I didn't say it's funny.
by Lolster:3 July 20, 2016
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It is an internet slang and an acronym which stands for In My Arrogant Opinion. It is the new age take on the old cliche - in my humble opinion or IMHO. Another variation of IMAO is IMNSHO (In My Not-So-Humble Opinion)
IMAO I think we should sell the company.
by vitamink3 May 27, 2008
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when morons who see 'lmao' think that the 'l' is actually an uppercase 'I'.
when would 'i' ever mean 'laughing'?
thats like saying 'd' means 'reading'
stupid as hell
ME: lmao, that was funny.
JERK#1(in all caps): IMAO, I AM A MORON!
by psolms November 16, 2005
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It means Laugh My Ass Off
Sometimes we can add the word "Fucking" after "My".
1. IMAO, I win it!
2. IMAFO, I gonna pee.
by Fenix May 07, 2005
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