A surface GUI local script made by serphos and bentoast given to developers of the Roblox game iron man simulator/iron man battles given to people in his dev team. Most of his dev team are not actually his friends and the GUI was hacked after serphos quit making the game by an unknown user and renamed by lebron6784 to be called Iron Cheats. there have been a few users that have confirmed that they do indeed own the GUI and not the hack. They are: bentoast, serphos, sharky99, guest257351, Cindy_york. There are many other people with the GUI but they cannot be confirmed as having actual ownership whereas serphos and his friends have stated that these users indeed have ownership of the GUI. The other users either, do not play, have not been asked about, or are simply a hacker using Iron Cheats. If you see a user that is not one of these they are probably a hacker. IMS dev GUI stands for: Iron Man SImulator Deveoloper Graphical User Interface.
"I saw someone who claimed to be an admin and have the IMS dev GUI but I think he was actually a hacker."
by roblox nerd April 07, 2020
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