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We need to build a 50 ft. high wall along every inch of the Mexican border and put machine gun turrets on top and shoot all interlopers on sight.
Straight up G....................
by (D) own with globalism September 08, 2004
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The massive breaking of our immigration laws.

If this ain't people (illegal aliens) taking the law into their own hands I don't know what is.

This is vigilatism on a massive scale.

Both political parties have taken the law into their own hands in allowing this to go on.They are enabling foreigners to break our immigration laws on a massive scale.

Bush is a vigilante.Clinton is a vigilante.Democrats and Republicans are vigilantes.

Clearly there are no laws that we should obey them.Our leaders don't obey the laws so why should we?
Ha ha vigilant.

The minutement are being vigilant.Bush is being a vigilante just like Clinton before him.They are being vigilantes in order to illegally create their New World Order.A new secular order for the ages.
by vigilant observer April 11, 2005
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