When you get sent a location or coordinates and it leads to an IKEA
Person A: “insert location here”
Person B: “Bro don’t look it up, it’s an IKEA roll
Person C: “Thanks bro, didn’t know where that lead!”
by MercuriX November 01, 2021
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When a man lies down on the couch spreading his legs and putting them onto a table then having the girl give him head.
by tittyfuck1234 January 07, 2009
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Some dude who is bi with no game whatsoever but becomes infatuated with some chick who is already taken ( in a relationship or Married) but tries to play it off like he’s the “Gay Friend” and harmless. Dudes a looser and just acting to be always there as a shoulder to cry on, etc. so he can be in her ear like... you should leave him.
Her: Omg!? I just got in a fight with Brandon (boyfriend) He’s such a dick. I’m going to hang out with Chris at the mall.

Her friend: stop hanging with that dude he’s such an ikea shelf builder, plus isn’t he gay?! Why is he so infatuated with you?
by Strive30005 September 20, 2017
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A large collection of tiny hex wrenches left over from Ikea furniture or other self-assembly products.
I had to clean out the Ikea shrapnel from my toolbox.
by techerder September 06, 2013
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To hang a towel from ones erect penis while waiting for the person in the shower to reach for a towel, but results in the person reaching out getting a dick and a towel, and usually results in sex at the end of this dick grabbing experience.
after jane was done showering she reached out for a towel but instead got a towel and johns dick. Jane just got ikea towel racked, and john got laid.
by 8BitOverlord March 09, 2015
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Person from Scandinavia, but mostly Sweden since it is where IKEA originated.
Person A : Those fuckin´Scandinavians sure travel a lot, don´t they ? Those people are fuckin´all over the place!

Person B: Yeah, bloody IKEA wogs.
by Cockfeathers May 28, 2018
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