1. 98.9% of people of Urban Dictionary esp the ones who can make a sexual meaning out of every word in the english langauge that has nothing to do with sex.

2. The opposite of someone who thinks "outside of the box"

3. Someone misinformed about something and wants to stay that way because they are too one-sided to go beyond the borders of the way they think.

4. Comes from a sense of immaturity and lack of knowledge of a certain subject or topic.
Ignorant person: "Why is Obama in the WHITE house? He's black."

Educated person: "God, you are so ignorant."
by lesserknown91 September 05, 2010
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a) lacking knowledge about a certain subject
b) doing something (speaking, acting, doing) that is disrespectful and/or stupid.

see also retarded
>>she was driving on the wrong side of the road.
<<that's ignorant.

>>he cheated on her with her sister.
<<that's straight ignorant.

>>we asked him where canada was, and he said next to mexico.
<<he is ignorant!
by lilies September 04, 2006
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Is a person who thinks what they know about something is correct but it isn't. They will even argue to you about them being correct. If you try to show them the fact on the subject, they wont even look because they know that they are right and in there minds they don't need to look at a FACT. In there minds, they would just be looking at what they all ready know.
I know a person who is so Ignorant, I will not even talk to him any more.
Example: One day he told me that the only way you can catch poison ivy, is if the stem is broken and then it rubs on you. Well I couldn't believe he said that. Being as I know how he is, I went to a government forest web site and looked up the word "Poison Ivy". I saved the link and E-Mailed it to him so he could see the FACTS on it, so in the future he wouldn't look so Ignorant. I then called him on the phone and told him I just sent an E-Mail. I waited on the phone while he clicked the E-Mail. I told him to click the link on Poison Ivy. When he saw the words Poison Ivy in the link, he started getting mad and refused to click it. I told him that the site tells about all the poison ivy's that there is and the facts on them. He Said he wasn't going to click to that site because he had to much work to do and didn't have time for this kind of B.S..He then hung up on me. This guy doesn't work and has no social life. To this day he still thinks this is the only way to catch Poison Ivy. THAT'S IGNORANT!!!!
by Eric Costa August 28, 2007
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1. Lacking education or knowledge.
2. Showing or arising from a lack of education or knowledge: an ignorant mistake.
3. Unaware or uninformed.
4. See fool.
Democrats are ignorant.
by BBQ Sheep March 27, 2003
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