These are those people in the world who make you extermly mad by their vast stupidness
Bob said "Jerry how was Mexico", "Just a bunch of Ignorants down there" Jerry replied
by Phantom Righter March 07, 2008
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Synonymous with crass, crude, vulgar, etc. in Pittsburghese.
Pronounced /ig'nert/
A: "D'you ever pee while yer takin' a shar?"

B: "Sometimes. D'you ever pee sittin' down?"

C: "Why don't yinz quit bein' so ignorant?"
by Bo Dagger May 26, 2007
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a) lacking knowledge about a certain subject
b) doing something (speaking, acting, doing) that is disrespectful and/or stupid.

see also retarded
>>she was driving on the wrong side of the road.
<<that's ignorant.

>>he cheated on her with her sister.
<<that's straight ignorant.

>>we asked him where canada was, and he said next to mexico.
<<he is ignorant!
by lilies September 04, 2006
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A chick that is so hott thats she's ignorant like she is like the coldest chick u seen in years like omega hott hott like u get nerouse talking 2 her or even looking at her,this term is only used 4 girls not guys
there are those rare cases of beyond ignorant chicks like glossy and a few others
ignorant girls r hard 2 find and sumtimes hard 2 bag so if u kno 1 bag it ASAP
DAMN son look at HER she Ignorant as fuck b im bout 2 bag it
by the coldest 187 August 24, 2007
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A way to describe someone who just doesnt have a clue and is narrow-minded.
"That outfit you are wearing is hideos!"
"Shut up! You're ignorant"
by blondeserendipity May 03, 2009
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Someone who has to look up ignorant on urban dictionary.
Billy lived in a swamp for 14 years, so he was ignorant of world outside of banging his sister.
by IchBinDerMuzzy January 08, 2010
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