Wow he really thinks Covid-19 is a conspiracy theory? Scott sounds like an idiot.
by Xaurty April 23, 2020
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Someone who is doing something very stupid that they will probably regret later. See also: George Bush
Why Are you stuffing sparklers up your butt? You are such an idiot
by BOBBERT CHEESE June 23, 2006
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to hold you, my love,

like it was time's last minute,
or humankind's last fetus,
to hold you tight, and in this holding tight,
to hope you read all my heart's dictionaries
and hear in its arrythmic beat the pattern that signals what

a lover may be able to lay on the table,
no promise in the world

can fortify or prove
a knowledge that cannot be spelled.
You know? My love.
when you die
something in me will, too.
So don't die, idiot.
via giphy
by Furznebel October 29, 2020
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Most of the people who go to this site.
Make a definition, of "slang" words; which really has no true definition anyhow, and then think they know what they're talking about.

Our planet is full of a lot of them(so called "gangsters/gangstas", "racist", "politics", "scientists", anyone who believes and accepts what the public feeds their ass with and follows the idiot flock meaning the rest of the group), but inside we're all actually pretty damn smart we just deny it so damn much we're going to die of ignorance.
Open your eyes and you'll see them everywhere.
Re-mixed quote from sixth sense, "I see dumbasses. They're everywhere. They don't know they're dumb. They see what they want to see, and believe what THEY want to believe(not seeing things as they are but as they WANT them to be, oh and I know that's not exactly how the line went but if you're judging me because of that, you're totally missing the point and are possibly an idiot yourself)"
People who think 98% of us have racism within.
People who think gangsta has a meaning, when really even a club of nerds could easily be so called "gangstas". I honestly don't see what makes a wannabe "gangsta" different from a "real gangsta" when they both seem pretty stupid and the same with their guns, bling-bling, and way of speaking(besides color, voice, etc but that dont mean shit).
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people who think the price is right is exclusively an elderly folks show.
Idiot: HAAAYY why are you watching the price is right there are only old peoples on it!
by rapsux February 20, 2005
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