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A millitary saying that would rather accidently kill a civilian then the chance that it is not a civilian and he kills u..
so that way u go to court and get judged to see if u get jail time..
instead of going home in a body bag carried by your fellow soilders
soilder: that man has a wepon im going to take him down!

liberal fagot: no u cant he hasent shot at u yet! we have to wait for him to shoot and then u can engage in action.

soilder: wtf he has a wepon and its pointed in our direction! if he shoots at us 1 of us might get hit and die!

liberal fagot: thats a chance we have to take!

soilder: what the fuck ever id rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6
(bang bang)

liberal fagot: no i cant bealive u killed him without him killin 1 of us first!

by Nathan Davis October 18, 2007
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