A threesome between two Black Men and 1 White Girl.
"Jamal and I gave Kelly an Ice Cream Sandwich"- Datrell
by jhe394 July 28, 2009
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two pieces of bread with a meaty flavoured scoop of ice cream between. can include tomatoes and salad. sauses are recomended.
You: boy I wish there were a food that contains a cold substance that tastes like ham and two pieces of bread
your cool friend( me): there are, their called the ice-cream sandwiches!
you: yummy
by bidinobish39 January 17, 2022
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Delicious treat made of ice cream put in between wafers and thrown at a random person
Me: throws ice cream sandwich at Uber driver
Uber driver: ah fuck I can’t believe you done this
by Reetthefrog April 11, 2019
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Getting two hard, dry black men to bang a wet, soft white man from both sides, like an ice cream sandwich.
Me, Tyrone, and Troy were doing The Ice Cream Sandwich all night yesterday.
by This Juice March 12, 2019
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When doing anal with a female, the female would proceed to shit on the male's dick while the male ejaculates all over the shit, mixing together, to create an ice cream sandwich. The male will then force the female to eat the "Ice Cream Sandwich" in hopes of trying to seduce her.
by MaxiuB October 18, 2014
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When a white women is penetrated vaginally and anally with black men on either side of her
Me and Sean totally gave that chick an ice cream sandwich last night
by Sequoia69 November 30, 2016
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A person that is black on the outside and white on the inside with a cool attitude, basically an "Oreo" but much cooler.
You can call me an "Ice Cream Sandwich" because I'm just like an "Oreo", but I'm so much cooler!

by Ohizona December 3, 2010
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