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1. a bitch who uses her "perfect" life as a way to pave her way through everyone supposedly "lower" than her

2. a troll

"look at i_am_perfect, what a bitch all she does is talk about her rich bich life, in which she most likely is faking!"

"Hey I'm Janie girls hate on me cause im perfect and my life is perfect. I have perfect hair and shoes and lots of clothes and my mommy and daddy give me whatever I ask for. I have a mansion and a butler and maids that clean my room. My dad owns a very succesful company and girls b hatin on me cuz they jealous and wish they were me and had the money that i do. I consider myslef better than a lot of people because ther noe up to my level anyway. if you wanna hate...go ahead"--i_am_perfect

"Shes such a poor pathetic excuse for a gift from god"
by Kurenosohma December 15, 2007
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