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What happens when two people with iPhones get together and practically have sex over how great their phones are.
Hey CJ, quit having iPhone sex with Matt and play poker!
by Dr. Carlos Jones November 15, 2008
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iPhone Sex is basically porn played directly on your iPhone via many web site i.e OneTapPorn. The web site One Tap Porn plays Porn videos in a YouTube fashion, allowing iPhone and iPod touch users to enjoy porn with out the need to download content and with the no porn allowed on the app store this is the ONLY way to get porn.
The best example for iPhone Sex is the the youtube of porn OneTapPorn.
by dubol September 26, 2009
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Using Apple's iPhone 4 video chat capabilities to engage in erotic interplay with a person of the opposite sex, essentially "phone sex" - but now with a relatively high definition visual aid. Using the "Face Time video calling" feature for sexual purposes, a mobile "Skype" - so to speak. Seeing that ass in motion as opposed to the traditional "phone sex" phenomena.
"Bro, sexting is obsolete... half of America has the all new iPhone 4. Vanessa is up in New York for the summer, she teased me with a couple pics yesterday, but i just had that ______ in motion..."
"Nice, you had iPhonesex!"
"Yea bro, it was hot... she's gained a lil since we've last met, but don't tell her I said that."
"Damn, I gotta get my hands on the iPhone 4."

iPhonesex is great when you're on-the-go
by E. BreeZyyyy & B-Mac July 06, 2010
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