A great piece of technology made by Apple. It's a cool gadget that can be in the form of an iPad Air, iPad Mini, or simply iPad. Also known as a tablet computer, it looks like an over-sized iPhone. It's better to play mobile games on an iPad instead of an iPhone. It also has many features that the iPhone has, but many iPad versions still connot perform phone calls.
Guy #1: "Hey look, mom bought me an iPad!"
Guy #2: "OMG lucky you!"
by HaL9000 October 08, 2015
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Apple's latest and greatest invention... a sanitary pad that also has the capability to serve as a wireless hotspot. It features ultra absorbency as well as WPA2 encryption for ultimate protection.
Example 1:
"With the iPad for once people WILL want to hang around you when you're PMS'ing."
-Women's Product Council of America

Example 2:
Guy #1: "Janet always havin' serious PMS around that time of the month. It sucks yo. She always yellin' at me an' shit."
Guy #2: "Yeah? Well my Leslie does too, but she uses the iPad so while she is yelling at me I just watch YouTube videos on my laptop."
by Beavis Comeavis January 28, 2010
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An oversized Ipod Touch and Iphone wanna-be that unremarkably failed. Usefull for lots of things, like swatting flies, being a paperweight, chucking out the window... Impossible to carry around convieniently
John: OMG! You got the Ipad!! Can i feel it?
Bob: Sure
John: Wow! its really light!
Bob: Big Fucking deal. it's not like i can put it in my pocket...

Samantha: Hey! I see you got the Ipad!
Joe: What are you, blind? This ain't no ipad! it's my really big itouch!
by StudyHallHelp May 27, 2010
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A general term for something that is expected to be great, but turns out to be a terrible.
'I really thought last night would be an awesome night out, but it was such an iPad'
'We broke up after she told me I was nothing but an iPad'
'The iPad announcement was a huge iPad'
by jc_sed8d March 01, 2010
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An electronic device that is used to contact others or play games. FaceTime is used to video call your best friends and loved ones who maybes live far away from you in the world. iMessage is used to chat like texting basically. App Store is where you download apps ( games and social network) and iTunes is used to download videos and songs. Safari isn't a jungle it is a place where you can search like google.
Millie was taking a selfie on her ipad
by xmilisnotonfirex February 19, 2015
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Apple's newest iProduct

The iPad is the worlds most expensive menstrual product. you get one per package that can only be used once for the amazing price of $499

Available at Apple stores and ladies restrooms worldwide
Girl: Fuck Kotex, I got the Apple iPad
by applealex February 01, 2010
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