An expression that can mean any of the following: 1) I have no ulterior motive; 2)you were not really listening to what I said; 3) your argument against my stated position is not pursuasive.
One:"Say what?"
"I'm just sayin' we're going to town and we think you ought to come along?"

"Hey, I'm just sayin'...

Three: "And those are the reasons I disagree with you."
"Well, I'm just sayin'.
by Mackinac Jack January 10, 2007
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Another form of being jealous of another person. Also know as throwing shade.
Person one ; "mane your jordans are nice.

Person two; "thanks!"

Person three;

"mane, I would have got the red and black ones. Those look better I'm just sayin."
by YaosoneR December 28, 2013
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A conciliatory phrase to defuse a judgmental, but true, statement.
You are charging $150 for 15 minutes of work?! I'm just sayin'. Actually meaning, you know that's not right.
by Storkdiva January 22, 2017
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