From a video where everyone from the Victorious cast thinks that Ariana Grande is the best singer in the cast but Victoria says that everyone is a good singer. (Maybe because she is jealous of Ariana and didn't want to admit that Ariana is the best singer)

So basically.. You say this when someone says something about themselves, another person etc. and you won't admit that they're right, or something. You could use this in other situations too but i think this is the main reason.
A: I'm a very good singer..
B: i think we ALL are very good singers!!
by mynameisisi November 10, 2018
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Victoria Justice said this when Ariana Grande was mentioned.

When you are jealous of you’re friend’s talents and one up them.
Ariana is such a good singer..”. “I THINK WE ALL SING..”
by blue otter pops are gas December 7, 2019
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