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I ant up on nothing right now ,My ex-girlfriend that had lived with me for a few years, and I were having.a talk over the phone after a visit over the holidays. We hadn't been together in couple of years before her visit.Well out of the blue she shouts out I ant up on nothing right now. Am like what! Were and way you say that I hadnt asked or accuse her of anything. It was a surprise to be but you know it open up questions , She says I just saying am not with no one, Meeting guys up at the hot springs for one night stands ,is not up on no one. Dam Boys that hurt Tx ant never got so far from it just did, and she says on the last night of 10 days together . Loving was good and very heart felt but no sweetheart am not your head case , shut the front door its one at the back better.
by Lead em in deep, February 10, 2014
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