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What most of the world's citizens suffer. Typically, a citizen of a given non-American country will defame Americans as being fanatics and meatheads over the smallest displays of patriotism that are made. They almost always pride themselves on being "open minded" and "tolerant" (something that, somehow, is the opposite of patriotism in the mind of a prejudiced anti-American) because they are not fanatical like they claim the Americans are.

In reality, these people tend to be far more patriotic, sometimes even bordering on chauvunism or nationalism. A typical example is sports fans who follow their national team.

Canadians are among the most well-known practicioners of hypocritical patriotism.
The Canadian compared the Americans visiting his town to lower life forms, declaring that Americans will believe anything the government tells them simply because the visitors had an American flag sticker on the bumper of their car. He then went on to say that Canadians were the superior people in the world. The Americans laughed in reply, finding humor in how blind the Canadian was to his own fanaticsm.
by The Infamous Trev-MUN February 25, 2004
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