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Term that describes a set of tactics that involves any small reconnaissance element working in concert with a large fire-superiority element. The reconnaissance element searches out targets while the fire-superiority element lays in wait to be called forward whenever the reconnaissance element locates a target. This minimizes the amount of movement carried out by the larger and more conspicuous fire-superiority element, which would make it vulnerable, since the reconnaissance element can better employ stealth and concealment as it searches out targets for the fire superiority element to destroy. Term may be meaningfully applied to ground, naval or aerial tactical formations.

The true meaning of the term "hunter-killer team" is quickly passing into obscurity as electronics reduce the need for human reconnaissance and make remote reconnaissance more and more commonplace; nowadays the term is mostly self-applied by various military organizations to make its members feel cool and sexy.
A small reconnaissance helicopter and a large gunship helicopter, working together as a hunter-killer team, made short work of the enemy positions.

Grunt #1: "First platoon sucks compared to second platoon. Second platoon is the 'Hunter-Killers.' That's 'cause second platoon's a hunter-killer team."
Grunt #2: "What's a hunter-killer team?"
Grunt #1: "........"
by takarakujiniatatta June 25, 2010
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