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A search for anything that is sex-related, such as the following things:

1. Porn
2. Pussy (a vagina is often referred to as the pink)
3. Prostitutes
4. Gay or Lesbian lovers (the color pink is often associated with homosexuality)

Has absolutely nothing to do with some 1990 war movie starring Sean Connery that has a similar name(The Hunt for Red October).
1. I am so fucking horny, I am gonna get online on a hunt for pink October.

2. Or better yet, I should go to the local whorehouses and strip joints and get on a REAL hunt for pink October.

3.Jimmy: Owww man! It itches.
Robert: Now you see. How many times did I tell you to keep your guard up whenever you're on the hunt for pink October in the Red Light District?

4. Ever since Carl came out of the closet about a year ago, he's been on a constant hunt for pink October! How many assmates has he now had? 50?
by Mark H September 21, 2004
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