Ancestors of people that now live in Europe, mainly located in the present-day region of Hungary.
The Hungarian people are simply christianized Huns, even though they don't wanna hear about it!
by edrocket December 17, 2014
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The most gayest word that girls ever call their other mates and other random people. Its a fuckin annoyin word to say the least
Mary - Hey hun

Ollie - Dont patronise me, bitch
by Oliver the Great November 16, 2006
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The upper-class way of saying "stupid bitch."
"You really are classy losing your virginity to that frat boy, hun."

As opposed to

"You really are classy for losing your virginity to that frat boy, stupid bitch."
by MSas November 13, 2011
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An Extremely Fat and obnoxious person who frequents all you can eat establishments
That Hun over there smells like roting cheese filled Gummi worms.
by fartsock January 31, 2008
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Haha! And maybe one day you'll learn to spell, Beouffy.
In any event...
(Scottish Slang) A Rangers fan. Due, naturally, to the protestant ties the club is purported to have.
"Those fucking huns. I can't believe they beat us on fucking goal difference."
by Johnny Pot Smoker September 03, 2003
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1. an interjection used to show disbelief or disapproval to support the aforementioned statement.
2. also used in place of the word here when offering something.

Not to be confused with the noun version of hun, which is the short version of honey.
1. "I'm not playing with you. Stop messing with me, hun!"
2. Person 1: "Let me have some chips." Person 2: "Hun" (Person 2 then offers the chips)
by shuraii March 06, 2010
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