The day chosen by a motorbike rider to continuously ride over speed breakers.
Look at John enjoying his hump day. He really knows how to ride up and down those speed breakers.
by Riderzzz March 13, 2013
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a day where you enjoy the use of other peoples body parts to pleasure ones self repetidly.
i enjoy todays fine humpday
by Scarlotte September 23, 2005
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In the middle of the week you need a good fuck you look forward to Wednesday to get your hump on.
"I cant wait for Cory to come over for humpday"
by Tarawiccan June 29, 2005
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Occurs on the fourth floor, north wing between 12pm and 1pm every Wednesday!
Jane and Ted love Hump Day!
by hot dog lovers November 22, 2007
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Hump actually refers to rounded protuberance on a camel's back, or as an abnormality on a person's back.........which is located in the centre
so there is a common sense behind it that even wednesday is in the middle of the week see example

This is old tradition or belief or thinking.....which is just related with one of the week day as well as hump
hump in the centre or middle approx
And wednesday in the middile of the
both in the centre

....Hump Day
by Flamehead August 20, 2006
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started out in Vienna, VA as a huka-chilled day after school consisting of 3-15 of your closest friends. It later progressed (or digressed, as some may say) into a day in which you toked up before, during, and after school..then later passed out after your family appeased your munchies with dinner. One must wear greend on hump day in roder to officially celebrate. This year 4-20 just happens to fall on a hump day. Happy humpin humpers..
huka hump day can be celebrated not only with the preferred reefer. Healthy substitutes such as alcohol may suffice
by Narc April 19, 2005
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One day in the week, Wednesday, where two people satisfy each other's sexual needs and desires.
Hey, do you want to come over for Hump Day?

I'm tingly thinking about you doing me on Hump Day!
by ohiooak May 16, 2018
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