The day celebrated just for humpin
It's hump day? Sweet, now I'm gonna go home and hump my girlfriend
by Family Jew July 26, 2018
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Wednesday, the middle of the week, implying that you have to get "over the hump" before you can anticipate the weekend. The term was not originally intended to carry a second, more risque meaning.
Damn, I wish every day could be hump day!
by GuidoPosse69 February 13, 2005
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Hump day the middle of the week Sunday Monday and Tuesday is a hump.Wednesday is the top of the hump. Thursday Friday and Saturday is all down the hump Wednesday is hump day. Hump day is Wednesday
Hey guys guess what day it is. Is it Wednesday.No! It's Hump day. What is hump day. Hump day is the middle of the week.
by Cupcake dreams June 29, 2018
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Would you like the orgin of Hump Day? As You Wish. Originally named after Prince Humperdink from "The Princess Bride"
It was on a Wednesday he was to be married to Buttercup, but Wesley disguised as the Dread Pirate Roberts swooped in and saved the day.

The people decided to call every Wednesday Hump day so the evil prince would be reminded of his failure for eternity.
by JJ Easy November 20, 2013
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A term used exclusively by douchebags in reference to Wednesday.
Some douchebag named Garrett: Happy hump day!

Man: It's called Wednesday, you piece of garbage.
by Heegagurkurk February 21, 2009
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Means Wednesday. Simple.
Also connected to the meaning of Kegnesday in some parts of South Africa.
Does NOT mean the day we get to hump. People are glad it's hump day simply because it's Wednesday ie: downhill to the weekend.....
Yay it's hump day!
by JulietDBN November 05, 2015
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