Wednesday. It is called hump day beccause it is often referred as the ''hump'' of the week because it's two more days til Friday
Today is hump day. Let's hump
by Your Mom in a bikini July 26, 2006
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A day for a good old fashioned dry hump. Lie on top of someone, anyone will do, and rub against them suggestively. Moan a lot. Make promises you don't mean. Lie. Do this in your office or in an elevator. What the hell. Then go and change your underwear.
I did the hump on hump day.
I humped old Humphrey on hump day.
Mike humped Louise about 30 years ago and always regretted it.
by Arlene Fester October 6, 2006
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wednesday (from the notion that it is the hump of the workweek)
Things will go very smoothly by hump day.
by Light Joker February 17, 2006
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wednesday, being at the center of the work week. makes an ideal day for humping to break up the tedium of the week. people love to hump, and hump day is the second best part of the week for humping, the best part being the weekend.
i wish i could celebrate hump day accordingly, but i'm stuck with just my hand and a bottle of jerkens.
by chuckybubbles April 20, 2009
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(When referring to Voltron: Legendary Defender)
The third quintant of the Spicolian movement
Hunk: I don't know. What day is today?
Coran: It's the third quintant of the Spicolian movement. Hump day!
by sanchopancho02 January 28, 2019
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The middle of the week, can be found on any given Wednesday or any other day in which I choose to hump you and or your mouth.
Jay "Ay michelle .. you know what day it is?
Michelle"No, what day is it?"
Jay " its hump day, so come here and get humped today."
Michelle. " well I suppose its alright since it is hump day and all."
by cherrycity October 30, 2013
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