Whie originating with Marvel Comics loveable monster The Incredible Hulk, the term can also be universally applied to almost any character who undergoes a transformation that drastically upgrades his size, power and level of mass. Often, but not always, accompanied by damage to their clothing or an increased level of musculature. But a straight increase in overall body growth without any added muscle, or a sudden increase in various physical attributes such a womans breast size can also be considered "Hulking out".
When exposed to a full moon, a Saiyan who still retains his/her tail will often HULK OUT into a giant, out of control primate.
by Doc Evil March 24, 2005
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1) v: to become extremely angry, ala The Hulk

2) v, adj: to be extremely muscular
ex: Watch out. Pete's totally hulked out over that mistake you made yesterday.
ex: Did you see how Christian Bale hulked out for Batman? He must have taken steroids.

ex: I don't care for Bale looking so hulked out.
by Akhgs September 28, 2010
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When a person becomes so angry they resemble the incredible hulk.
Rachel was hulking out because she saw her boyfriend with a guy.
by Sped64 February 5, 2006
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After having passionate sex with a woman, a man rises up, rips his remaining clothes off, screams, and beats the shit out of her.
Dude, last night I totally hulked out Jess. I didn't even bother taking her to the e.r. It was awesome; bitches ain't shit. Hulk out
by Chase56756 December 8, 2008
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when one's cock becomes to engorged, it feels like it's about to bust out of the foreskin.
Man, Sherry's so hot, I'm about to hulk out up in this place.
by Shadow228 September 7, 2007
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(v.) When your clothes (particularly sleeves) are too tight and are maybe even beginning to rip off your body because you are too jacked and/or fat. (an unfortunate affliction for female athletes)
I'm hulking out of this shirt; the sleeves are too small for my massive swimmer shoulders.
by SwimmerShoulders June 8, 2010
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A slang term often used to describe being under the influence of PCP; Using the drug PCP.
"Hey, dude we going to party tonight?"
"Yeah, me and my nigga john was gonna hulk out"
"awwww shit, been a while since i've hulked out"
by Xavierrenegade June 24, 2008
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