Can be used to denote that the previous statement was counterintuitive or surprising, requiring a pause to absorb its significance.
<Joe> Yeah, so a tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable.
<Bob> Huh.
<Eazy-E> I went to the hospital with a really bad cough, and the doctor diagnosed me with AIDS.
<Jerry> Huh.
by iDiaz October 17, 2006
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you better say it again because I'm not sure if I heard right , say it again to make sure ; they said something that's not good so then your like huh?
girl: I'm so sick of you!
guy : huh?
by what girl? April 13, 2005
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one of the the annoying ass sounds that rick ross makes in every song hes in.
im burnin purple flowers, its burnin my chest, huh! boss! rozay
by ihaterickross January 4, 2012
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Tutor: So, did you understand at least some of the stuff that I taught you?

Andrew: Huh?

Tutor: *looks back at the clock* Andrew, I just spent the last 20 minutes explaining basic arithmetic in Layman's terms... I really don't understand how you're not able to get this stuff into your head. Try to review the equations in your head: picture it, take your time and understa--

Andrew: What?

Tutor: *pause* Ok. Andrew, listen, I'm going to try a new teaching--hey, are you listening? Look here; look at me. it's actually pretty easy when you think about it, see--

Andrew: ...

Tutor: --so when you subtract 4 from both sides... Focus! Are you listening? You should AT LEAST be getting the gist of it, Andrew.

Andrew: Huh??

Tutor: *in deep contemplation* Alright, lets say Browning made a new mag for the m1911. If you fired 4 shots, and 2 are left in the mag, how many rounds did the mag have to begin with?

Andrew: 6

Tutor: What if that 1911 was a gbb?

Andrew: What?
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Huh is an expression in which first person(speaker) asks for the agreement of second person(listener); particularly when the listener seems to be a little bit confused.
He: Lets go for a movie today..
She: I have some pending assignments :(
He: ohh, but you can do them at night..
He: huh!
She: Ok, lets go for matinee show :)
by Anugrah December 25, 2007
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We use "huh" when we want transform sentence to question. "Huh?"="Am I not?" or "Do you comprehend me?" etc
I'm really reliable person, huh?

Don't let me looking on your fucking face, huh?
by Ratata December 6, 2007
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The bone chilling battle shout made by pretty much every human male upon aggro in the game World of Warcraft . Also repeated multiple times during combat.
i was just wandering through westfall on my lvl 10 hunter when i heard HUH HUH HUHUH HUH HUH HUH behind me. Next thing i knew i was dead.
by godmodeadin April 30, 2009
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