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a)A phrase invented by slick as shit agent Ari Gold(jeremy piven) in one of the first episodes of hbo show Entourage. popular amgonst teens in the us as a way to make up with friends when you've just accidentally insulted them in some way.

b)also, some people think it was invented by steve carrell on a recent episode of the office(great show!!), these people, are sadly mistaken. Especially since carell attributes it to ari/jeremy in the show. pay attention people!
person1: I can't believe you stole my f**king pudding!
person2: I'll pay you back.
person1: fine. i'm still mad though.
person2: C'mon. hug it out. let's hug it out, bitch.
by jamalot October 25, 2006
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Following a disagreement or argument between to close male friends, when all is said and done, one will tell the other to "hug it out, bitch", after which, the two guys will hug and all will be better.
In the show, The Office, Micheal Scott tells Dwight to "Hug it out, Bitch" following an attempted coup by Dwight.
by Ross Vincent October 07, 2006
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