There are five ways to do this:

1.Cut it in four different ways and dip it in pickle juice so that when you drink the pickle juice, magic inside will grow back your finger. Side effects of this procedure may result in green finger, internet fame, and a tendency to eat your finger.

2.Wrap your finger in scotch tape after consulting google.

3.Get some piranhas to eat the flesh off your finger and use scotch tape to tape the broken part off the bone back and on a blue moon wrap your finger in wet garlic and hopefully your skin will grow back. Side effects of this may result in turning into a spooky scary skeleton, no vampires will try to bite your finger, and a weird garlic smell.

4.Ask a stupid doctor at Mayland Heights walk in.

5. Or just go to the hospital.
Jonny I want to know how to treat a broken finger!
by Cool minecraft k November 13, 2017