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A piece of jewelry worn by women who are considered "HotWives" while they are on the search for "strange".. Hotwives are women that are married and in a happy relationship, but allowed to have extramarital relationships with the husbands consent. The charm helps potential "studs" identify the "Hotwife" easier and faster. The original Hotwife Charm is a .999 Sterling Silver disk that has the words, "HotWife" embossed into it. The charms go through a 13 step hand polishing process for a mirror shine. The charm is typically worn on an anklet but can also be worn on a necklace or belly button piercing. The charms are sold on and other provocative charms are available for purchase.
Bro, check out that couple at the bar. Her anklet has one of those hotwife charms dangling from it. She is so totally DTF if we hit on her and her husband won't mind!
by M.H.W.J. January 26, 2017
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