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A pretty cool chick most often found during smoke breaks at work (gen. a large facility). She is possessed of a super rockin' bod, looks that are average or lower, but has all types of awesome true stories including, but not limited to: traffic altercations, drunken chicanery, sexual shenanigans, loose girlfriends, and delicious abuses of other employees, patrons, and whatnot (making her quite do-able).
Jeff: I just had a smoke with that one chick from the 4th floor, who was saying how she got in an accident with her boyfriend after some party. They were both drunk and going like 90 miles an hour, smashed into a street sign, and didn't even get a DUI, so she gave him a blowjob as a reward!
Eric: Fuuuck, good for her! Which girl again?
Jeff: You know, the hottie butterface smoker chick.
Eric: You mean Kelly?
Jeff: Oh yeah. That's her name.
Eric: I'd do her.
Jeff: Me too!
by e.dub in the streets May 17, 2008
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