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A female whose skin is overly tan and is similar to the color of a well cooked hotdog, often clothed in something skanky. Other features to look out for are large white sunglasses, a raspy voice, and multi colored hair. MTV and reality shows run thier lives. These specimens often travel in groups and have daddies who buy them everything. Thier boyfriends either play football or surf, and are sure to have well groomed haircuts, with some kind of facial hair/sideburns
That snooty hotdog girl annoyed us at the beach.
by background runner July 20, 2006
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a legend at every school, the hot dog girl had a frozen hot dog shoved up her pussy which then became stuck to her inner walls. she had to go to the hospital to have it removed. in a second case of the hot dog girl, her said boyfriend fucked her with a thawed hot dog, telling her it was his finger? dick? who the fuck would do that? anyways, he took pictures of the whole thing and posted them all around school the next day.
damn, roger just found out his wife was a hot dog girl.
by demitrious February 16, 2004
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To have a slutty whore make out with hotdogs, preferably the big roaster ones.
Nichelle: HEy guys, guess what...I MADE OUT WITH A HOTDOG!!! THEN A CURLING IRON!!!
Sam And Lex: Oh Damn, Shes a HOTDOG GIRL!!
by Lexandsam February 27, 2009
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