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a smart, cool girl who only applied to Taft as a safety
where else did you apply, hotchkiss girl?

Taft, but it was my safety

Smart choice, you smart, non-coke blowing girl
by will navarre December 11, 2005
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a girl who refers to her father as "daddy" and anyone else who gives her the shocker. a girl who only becomes popular once she has either had dirty sex with her english teacher in the confessional booth at a church, or successfully snorted three lines of coke off a toilet seat in between classes. probably enjoys beating baby seals to death with blunt objects. she considers the apartheid a "funny topic" and enjoyed it when bambi's mother was killed by hunters
Hotchkiss Girl 1: Shit, I have 2 classes in a row and am all out of coke.
Hotchkiss Girl 2: Well, do you want to purchase some more after classes then go down to the beach, snort that shit, and club some baby seals?
Hotchkiss Girl 3: That would be incredible, but I have to let My english teacher and the priest in town tag team me while mass is going on in order to pass his class.
Hotchkiss Girl 1: Well, at least coke makes us feel good about our decisions.
by what now bitch January 13, 2006
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A super hot, super smart, super athletic. SUPER AMAZING girl that goes to The Hotchkiss School: a Top Ten Boarding school. Guys wish they had them, girls want to me them....
enough said.
Taftie Guy 1: Ohh shitt, did you see those Hotchkiss Girls play us in Lacrosse?
Taftie Guy 2: Hell yes! They kicked our ass, and they are HOT!
by Bearcat Number One Fan June 03, 2007
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they don't call them "hot-chicks" for no reason....

girls want to be them, guys just want them
hotchkiss girl: Daisy, Katie, Stephanie, Magee, Lila, Natalie, Emily, Spaldo, Annie, Maeghan, Kate, and Mary Beth

yeeeah thats right.
by hotchkiss girls rock December 11, 2005
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a bunch of slimy cokeheads who will suck some serious dick and give some anal lingus for one more encounter with booga suga. They are hideous as well, these bitches were hit with a shovel daiy when they were kids to make sure theyd look like shit.
Taft Guy 1: that hotchkiss girl blew you last night?
Taft Guy 2: yeah i told her i had coke and she sucked me off 3 times
by stunna 1241 September 20, 2005
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