noun. "Hot tranny mess" was coined in 2008 by Christian Siriano, an American fashion designer and the winner of the fourth season of American reality show Project Runway. His remark incensed the transgendered community. He soon apologized for the remark.

The term is now used to describe generically anyone (regardless of sexual identity) who is any of these: a fashion nightmare, a bad dancer, sloppy drunk, has atrocious manners, tells hilarious off-color jokes, is very funny, is flamboyant, or whose life is in shambles or an endless comedy of errors.
Who is that hot tranny mess getting thrown out of the bar?

Oh, my God! That's too funny! You crack my ass up, you hot tranny mess!
by NickAtlanta July 29, 2009
a more colorful way of calling someone a 'hot mess', itself a way of calling someone a mess. The added color of 'tranny' and 'hot' takes the edge off of calling someone directly a 'mess'. It can have a range of connotation, from negative to neutral. Sometimes, ironically, it can be a compliment.
Alone, tranny is used as a greeting among gay men.
Gay#1: Heeey tranny.
Gay#2: HAAAY tranny!
Gay#1: Tranny, you are a hot tranny mess today; what'd you do last night?
by Tunis4Eva March 12, 2008
used to describe a 3/4 transgender, 3/4 jewish, 4/4 terrible lefty band.
The Shondes are a hot tranny mess.
by Kay.aaRgh.Zee July 6, 2009
A phrase used to describe someone who has done nothing wrong.
Phillippe to Lyle: "You're a Big hot tranny mess"

Lyle smiles.
by GypsySCUM March 10, 2014
(Adjective) a person who looks like they are "tore up from the floor up!" Similar to a "hot mess" but a million times worse, cause they also look like a prostitute/whore of a mess!
by Muchacha Sucia July 16, 2008