An expression of surprise, similar to "Hot damn!" or "Dog gone it!"
"Hot gravy, these mechanical pencils are amazing!"

"Hot gravy, that Academic Calendar is beautiful!"
by Gotchagotchagood July 23, 2014
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It's a hot steaming load of jiz that shoots out like a firefighters hose. It must hit the face to be classified as such.
Are you going to cum in my face or am I going to swallow a hot gravy bullet!?
by Larry Blackman December 21, 2013
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A hot gravy spoon is when two people (or more) upon completion of sex, without cleaning up the sex juices (gravy), proceed to spoon one another and fall asleep.
We had hot sex last night then afterwards, we spooned in our sex gravy. It was AWESOME! It was a hot gravy spoon, for sure!
by The Slam Hound Family April 19, 2010
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A type of casual, healthy polyamorous group often consisting of two women, one man, and a nonbinary rock star. May require gluten free and dairy free considerations.
“Damn! How do I get in on a biscuits and gravy hot tub like that?!”
by Mage Hands December 3, 2021
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