Mules come from crossing a female horse with a (male) jackass. A horse's ass would be an ass kept for breeding purposes. Considered a low form of life, like a gigolo.
Can you believe that horse's ass?
by Clay Commons May 07, 2007
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Someone who's got most of their true muscle between their ears, but still makes neverending desperate attempts to physically dominate people with body language (especially in crowded public settings), often resulting in police showing up to threaten people who don't think life is like a poker tournament or a trip to Vegas. Also known as an instigator.
He/she was a horse's ass, but not everybody was ignoring him/her like she thought, many of them were rejecting him/her, but he/she could never see that, all the muscle between the ears was dense.
by Solid Mantis February 01, 2020
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An offensive name that can only be used if a person slaps you while you have a sunburn. Made famous on family guy when stewie says it.
Peter: Hey stewie! (slaps on butt)
Stewie: Ahh you horses ass!
by Raptapwnage August 19, 2010
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Somebody who doesn’t publish my fucking definition of screwie Lewie u mother fuckers
These horses asses didn’t publish my damn definition
by norweagenhope August 15, 2018
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