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1. A girl who is obsessed with her horse, thus ignoring all those who a) do not own a horse, b) ride a horse, c) want to ride/own a horse
"That fucking horse bitch totally blew me off."
by snagglepuss December 05, 2004
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A female who resembles and has horse-like attributes such as size 10 feet, a big face, large teeth, thick thighs, and long strand-like hair.
Hilary Swank is a horsebitch.
by thehorsebitchwhisperer June 01, 2009
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any person that has been beat up by a horse due to their extreme poor judgment and complete over estimattion of their own abilities to sneak by a horse undetected. This over confidence is usually meet with this individual becoming the horses bitch.
Skip: “hey. Let’s take a short cut through the medow with the insane horse on it. I know we can sneak by it!”

Bill: “ no way! I don’t want to become a horse bitch. I will wait here in the tall grass
by Skiphorse20 June 08, 2018
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a chick who loves horses,
has horses, takes pictures of her horses, posts about her horses and wont shut the fuck up about her horses.
how did that loser end up with her?
oh wait she is a horse bitch.
by Yeah_boy1 January 20, 2013
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