The Hook’em horns is similar to the concept of “two in the pink one in the stink” but here you do the hook’em horns hand gesture and apply the same concept as the “2 in the pink 1 in the stink
“Bro I heard you hooked up with Charlene Last night “
“Yeah I used “the hook’em horns” on her”
by Lpnigga February 8, 2018
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To be deprived of energy or vigour yet still desirous of sexual activity, while simultaneously finding everything in the room outlandishly attractive.

This phenomenon typically occurs when recovering from a particularly heavy one the night before.

Not too dissimilar to the Hangover Horn, this affliction is traditionally unique to the male of the species.

Cure: The only known cure to this ailment is to place said ‘horn’ somewhere ‘warm’ (avoid microwaves and toasters).
“Man, I’ve got the wilted horn something awful today”

“I cannot concentrate due to the intense wilted horn I’m currently experiencing”

“I’m wilting
by I Zigger I September 19, 2013
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When 2 gay dudes touch penis's together and one pulls his foreskin over the other
So we were at this club, walked into the bathroom only to find a couple fags train horning
by Train horner September 3, 2015
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So me and my cousins were in Florida and we were talking about the nasty and then my cousin says we need to make a code word for a dick and then my other cousin said Unicorn Forn Horn and we haven’t changed it since and btw that was in October 2018
Lucas: bro how longs your unicorn forn horn
Mason: it’s 1 inch
Lucas: bro get some forn pills
by unicornfornhorn March 11, 2021
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When in a 69 and she shits on the partners head then proceeds to ride the shit like a horn
My girlfriend gave me a Unicorn Horn and rode her shit in her pussy
by Peewee76 May 6, 2022
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When a person straps a dildo to their head and shoves it up someone's ass.
She pissed him off and got the unicorn shoe horn.
by Theunicorner February 1, 2017
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