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Being horney to the extent that you do something you regret the next day. Not having to do with alcohol or drugs but just a simple desires for sexual release
I woke up this morning and realized I ordered a fifteen year subscription to my favorite porn site. I must have been black out horney
by JAustinb August 14, 2007
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Hope horny is a word used to describe a loner with 0 friends who will take out themselves one day
Hey look at hope horney over there!
by March 15, 2022
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These words mean that the person who is horney is sexually aroused, i.e. they want to have sex with someone. If you say that 'Barbara is horny', it usually means that Barbara wants to go to bed with somebody.
Bidding Horney good-bye, she hurried home for her automobile.
by omggurl October 25, 2020
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samuel wating his ex back (martina)
he jurks for her
come here horney Samuel got to tak to you about your....
by boqqqqqqqqqq March 17, 2022
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