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Basically the most disgusting old school full of mean bitches who think they are better than every one else. Cliques? Yup. You can't escape them. If you aren't popular, you aren't anyone. The only good thing about Hopkinton middle school is Mr. Kearney, the most savage English teacher who ever lived. DO NOT trust anyone at Hopkinton middle school with your secrets or else the whole school will know the next day and make fun of you. It's basically a school where at the beginning, your innocent and cute but when you leave, you are an evil monster.
I never ever want to go to Hopkinton middle school. Every one there sucks.
by Savage234 October 16, 2017
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the worst school ever. popularity will haunt you every day. what your not hot? oops sorry you gotta go. not popular? you days will be miserable. here’s some advice if you go there. just stick with you friend group and don’t bother trying to be popular.
by ha you wish May 28, 2019
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