A restaurant that hires thicc women
I love hooters so I got up and fucked the woman at the register for 80% off my meal
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Noun, Hooter is a term used for a large marijuana cigarette. Usually rolled with more than one paper,or just a 1 1/2.
Hooters are usually found in the Midwest. Although Midwest terms reach each coast. Hooters are becoming more popular these days with the legalization of marijuana in some states. Do not be surprised if Hooters are not present in all 50 states soon
You guys left or right ? I just rolled a monster Hooter out of some icky sticky
by Dr. Jekyll&Mr.Hyde December 27, 2018
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1. Large breasts

2. The object used to inhale smoke from knife hits, usually of marijuana
1. "Duuude, look at those hooters on that girl"

2. "Where's the hooter, I wanna do some knife hits of this thc oil"
by Lmaookwhatever July 27, 2018
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1) A fairly average restaurant chain that employs attractive young women to break down their lives and everything.

2) A pair of women’s breasts. There are different sizes of hooters out there, y’know...
1) Kaylee applied for a job there, a few weeks later she got accepted, then she started hating it because of how it tore down part of her life.

2) Jenna’s got some nice hooters!
by miiREEEE June 07, 2018
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