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Hooptie + Bling Refers to extraneous, unnecessary, typically obnoxious accessories that far exceed the value of the vehicle in cost. Hooptie bling would include but is not limited to: $4000 wheels on a 1980 Honda Civic; $2500 in dash DVD player in a '95 GEO Metro; multi screen car audio video entertainment center with, in playstation and DVD changer installed in a $215 Ford Escort whose owner also felt overwhelming inclined to place a set of $4500 24 inch spinners on as well even though it barely runs and has a cardboard window held in place with staples and duct tape. Do not confuse hooptie bling with a vehicle that has been riced, although similar in stupidity, these two cultural phenomenons typical clash, as their respective enthusiasts do not agree on much more than the insatiable desire to spend thousands of dollars on useless junk for hoopties that barely run.
T Spent 37 months of McDonalds pay checks on hooptie bling so he could get a hoochie!
by Malagent April 30, 2006
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